Augmented Intelligence on display!

Human-centered artificial intelligence. With the aim of addressing this vast topic and of presenting the potential of augmented intelligence, SCAI – Swiss Center for Augmented Intelligence held its first public event on Thursday 17 November at the Kornhausforum in Bern.

The conference benefited from the high-level contributions from Erich Fehr, Mayor of Biel and member of the Swiss Capital Region Board, and Christian Levrat, Chairman of the Board of the Swiss Post. In front of an audience of about 50 people from academia, business and politics, the speakers demonstrated the need to invest in this field of study. Whether in terms of fundamental research, expertise for public decision-makers or knowledge transfer, augmented intelligence represents a great potential for the society.

Denis Lalanne from the University of Fribourg, who has been spearheading the strategic group responsible for the development of SCAI for almost two years, exposed the main lines of augmented intelligence, its main challenges as well as it potential applications through concrete examples. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki, a professor at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, exemplified through various projects, the opportunities and benefits of Natural Language Processing when human-centered. This subfield of artificial intelligence concerns computing approaches to the processing, understanding and creation of human languages. The two researchers then took part in a panel discussion along with François Kuonen, CEO of Intermobility SA and Alexandra Tanner from the digital administration of the City of Bern.

With the support from the Swiss Capital Region, SCAI, a network of ten research institutions based in the Cantons of Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Bern, Solothurn and Wallis will continue to develop its organizational structure in the months to come.